Painted Monogrammed Pillows

Monogramming pillows with paint turned out to be a simple project. Actually, I did it in bed last night before going to sleep. It was that easy. I had already covered two pillows with paint drop cloth fabric. I ┬álike using drop cloth because it is durable and it looks like linen. If you don't sew, you can buy plain colored or linen pillows. I used off white paint, a fine paintbrush, 2 drop cloth covered pillows, a piece of paper, pencil, and scissors (to create a stencil). I ran out of ink for my printer so rather than printing out a large letter, I traced it from my computer screen. I like making my own stencils because I can pick the font I like and the size I want. The font I used was Antiqua, size 600. After I cut out the stencil, I roughly centered it and traced it onto the pillow. Next, I filled it in with paint. I created this design without using a pencil. It was very simple. I painted two half circles and then painted almost like a heart shape on the half circles with about an inch in between each one. As you can see, it is not perfect but when finished, it looks good enough. It does not need to be perfect to look good! I think it came out pretty good for a quick project. I was planning to just make one, then decided to get rid of the big linen restoration hardware pillows and make a second monogrammed pillow. There you have it, simple to make painted monogrammed pillows.       … [Read more...]