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What’s New With Sophia?

What is new with Sophia? She's on the move! Sophia started crawling over a month ago and is picking up speed every day, covering more and more territory. It started small- moving short distances from one toy to another. Now she's all over! Her favorite place to explore is the basket of magazines. As you can see in the first picture, she's up on her knees and into it! She pulls several out at a time and rips as many pages as she can out. She's flirting with the idea of standing and pulling herself up- but still a little timid...which is fine with me! Sophia Loves... Playing with her toys Hanging out with friends at mom's group Taking baths Playing ball Watching her favorite show "Yo, Gabba, Gabba" Hanging out with Timmy Showing people how she claps her hands … [Read more...]

A Storybook for your Baby

My Mom made a personalized children's book for Sophia titled Into the Woods.  It is a professionally bound book by Shutterfly. Her personal pictures are used throughout the story. The book came out really cute and I would recommend doing it for your own child, relative, or as a gift for a friend's child. It's entertaining to read your child a story about them and it is something they will have forever. Below is the cover, back cover, and a few of the pages from inside. … [Read more...]

Middle Ear Infections and Your Child

Middle ear infections (otitis media) are common infections in children and generally follow an upper respiratory tract infection (common cold).   In fact, this condition accounts for most of the antibiotic prescriptions written by pediatricians and other health care professionals. The ear is divided into three areas or compartments.  The external ear consists of the auricle (the part we can see) and the ear canal.   The middle area consists of the tympanic membrane (eardrum) and the space directly behind the eardrum which has the three smallest bones in our body.  These bones help transit sound to the inner ear cavity which contains our balance mechanism (cochlear) and other components to allow us to hear. The middle ear is naturally a warm and moist area that viruses and bacteria love to take up home.  They travel the course that generally begins in the nose or sinuses and the throat.  From there they can travel through the Eustachian tube (a sort or pressure valve) that runs from the back of the throat to the middle ear( When your ears “pop” while traveling to the mountains the Eustachian tube is doing its job)! Risk factors for developing an ear infection in young … [Read more...]

Baby Play Date

We had a play date today. Sophia and Baby T practiced their socialization skills while moms baked apple pies. The two are four months apart but just about the same size. Sophia is a little more wild than Baby T, who has always been on the mellow side. He  looks at her like, "Who is this crazy girl?" She looks at him like, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!" "I'm so excited I can't stand it, you're just like me!" At one point her excitement scared Baby T and he started to cry. I felt terrible. She constantly wanted to grab him and it was hard to keep her from doing this. She couldn't contain her excitement! I put her on the other side of the room with her toys but since she's mobile now, as soon as I separated her, she'd quickly crawl back over to him. They lasted about an hour and a half. Overall I think it was a fun and productive hour and a half for all us; Moms, Sophia, and hopefully Baby T. We baked 2 apples pies. Our babies socialized and engaged one another, stimulating their growing little minds. According to, play dates are extremely beneficial for children because, "Play dates give children the opportunity to socialize with other children, make friends and … [Read more...]