Drop Cloth Baby Banner

drop cloth baby banner

After browsing around on Pinterest and looking at cute little girl’s rooms, I was inspired to make a baby banner for my little girl’s room. This was a simple project to do, but I have to admit, it was time consuming. I prefer quick projects with immediate results like the clothespin magnets I posted the other day! However, I did have fun making the banner, especially once I saw the results.

I decided to use drop cloth to make the baby banner. When I say drop cloth, I’m referring to the material painters use to protect the floor. In a previous post I showed you how to make a drop cloth table runner. I like using this material because it looks a lot like linen and it is sturdy.

Drop Cloth Baby Banner

Drop Cloth Baby Banner

Supplies you will Need to Make Banner:

enough drop cloth or whatever fabric you choose for front and back of flags (I made 10 flags)



ruler or some sort of straight edge (I used a magazine)

hemming tape or ribbon

sewing machine, needle and thread, or fabric glue

stencils or you can make your own

paint and brush

Steps to Make Drop Cloth Baby Banner

drop cloth baby banner1. Measure out one flag. As you can see above, I used a magazine to measure the sides of one flag to make a template. I then traced the template onto the drop cloth for the remaining flags.

2. Cut out the flags.

3. I traced the template onto a cotton pink baby sheet for the back side of the flags.

3. Cut out the back side of the flags.

4. Use a sewing machine, needle and thread, or fabric glue to attach the front and back of the flags.

5. Use the hemming tape or ribbon to attach the flags together.

Drop Cloth Baby BannerOnce the flags are attached, you are ready to stencil the letters on. You can use pre made stencils or make your own. I made my own by opening a new document and typing out the letters. I used a font I had downloaded from dafont.com. I used 2peas old type font, text size 277. Print and cut out your letters.

Drop Cloth Baby BannerUsing a pencil, trace each letter on a flag.

Drop Cloth Baby BannerOnce you have traced all the letters on the flags, you are ready to fill them in with paint.

Drop Cloth Baby BannerAfter filling in the letters with paint, here is how it came out.

Drop Cloth Baby BannerI think it came out pretty cute.

Drop Cloth Baby Banner

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