Fabric Covered Diaper Wipe Cases

pinkbrownYesterday I realized it had been days since my last DIY project. I know this sounds kind of silly. I can’t imagine saying something like that a year ago. I was never really into craft projects until Sophia. Anyway, I’ve mentioned this before that these simple little projects I do on here really do something for me. They are fulfilling. It’s fun creating things and I like sharing my projects on here because I hope to inspire others to create as well.

So yesterday I felt the need to create. I came up with these fabric covered diaper wipe cases. I didn’t have any expectations. I just thought I’d give it a shot. I really like the way they came out. And very little effort was involved. I think that’s what pleased me the most. It was a quick and easy project with pretty good results. Anyone could make these, seriously. You should give it a shot and let me know how they come out.

A Few Supplies Needed
soppliesglue gun, scissors, fabric, travel size diaper wipe case, and some sort of trim like ribbon.collageI forgot to take pictures of the first step but it’s basic. Cut 2 pieces of fabric about 9 in x 4 1/2 in. As you can see in the bottom left picture I made the pieces a little bit smaller. They don’t reach the edge of the case. I did this because I used ribbon to trim the edges and it came out better this way than having the trim go all the way to the edge. It was too thick when I put the ribbon on top when I  had the fabric reach the edge.

Once the fabric is cut, use your glue gun to glue each side of the fabric onto the case. After the fabric is glued onto the case, use your glue gun to trim the edge with ribbon, ric rac, or whatever trim you like to use. That’s it! They come out really cute and would make a nice gift for someone with a baby. They were so simple to make, I made a few of them.pinkThis is the first covered case I made. This is the one I cut the fabric to reach the edge. It didn’t come out as good as the other two I made. I like it, it was just a little harder to make. I had to use a razor blade to trim the threads that stuck out from under the ribbon.pinkbabythSomething I like about this project is that it requires a little amount of fabric. It’s a good way to get rid of scraps.IMG_6103It’s cute to coordinate a diaper wipe case with a diaper bag.pinkandbrowntogetherThe second case I madepkbwbagI like this one the best.blueThe last one I made, I thought I would do blue for a boy.
blnewSimple. I was thinking I might monogram the top with white paint.

3inbasketThese are my first three fabric covered diaper wipe cases. I think I may make some more and add some monograms. What do you think? I already said this, but I’ll say it again, they are super easy to make. Try making one and let me know how it comes out.


  1. What a pretty and clever idea. So chic. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love these! Great for a Baby Shower gift, tucked into a Diaper bag! =)
    Stopping by from “Brag about it Tuesday”!

  3. Love this! So clever….and much cuter than the plain-jane white covers!

  4. These are great. I’ve pinned this, as I’ve wanted to know how difficult it is to make your own.

  5. These are so cute! I wish I knew someone with a baby!

  6. Oh I love this! The flower one is my favorite as well!!! I’m currently hosting a Sewing series called Sew Many Books.. I’d love for you to come over and check it out! EMily @nap-timecreations.com

  7. oh forget to mention that I’m a new Facebook follower :o)

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