Fabric Flowers

You have probably come across these rolled fabric flowers on Pinterest or maybe you have seen them in a store. They aren’t the easiest flowers to show you how to make. I tried to learn how to make these through a tutorial I found on Pinterest and couldn’t quite follow it. So, I’m going to try to show you the most basic way I found to make them.

I apologize the pictures are terrible. I’m on vacation. I took these the night before I left and rather than wait until I get home to re do the pictures, I thought I would go ahead and post them now.

Step 1

IMG_4966I would practice with some fabric you don’t care about. I cut a two and a half inch strip of fabric about a foot and a half inches long. You can play around with the length of the strip of fabric. The longer the fabric, the larger your flower will be.

Step 2

IMG_4968-001Fold the strip in half.

Step 3

IMG_4973-001Fold the end of the fabric to create a ball shape. This will be the starting point and center of the flower. Use hot glue to secure it.

Step 4

IMG_4977-001Twist the fabric around the ball. As you twist, use hot glue to hold the twist in place. Continue around and around until you are satisfied with the size of the flower. Glue the end of the fabric to the back side of the flower.

Step 5

IMG_4986-001I created a leaf using green felt and glued it to the back. You can glue the flower to a hair clip or piece of elastic to make a headband.

IMG_4988-001These are really simple to make once you get the hang of it.




  1. Great tutorial…..thanks for sharing!! Once again, your model is adorable 😉

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