Felt Bows for Baby

felt bows for baby
Felt Bows for Baby

Felt Bows are another simple do it yourself project. As I’ve said before, all the DIY projects I do are simple. There isn’t much to them. This is what makes it fun for me. I don’t spend hours trying to make something. If it’s going to be too complex or take a lot of time, I would rather buy it. But simple projects like these felt bows are fun. I get a lot of gratification out of making flowers and felt bows for my baby and friend’s babies and I think you will too.

The other point I want to make is that I get inspiration from Pinterest, magazines, catalogues, and when I go shopping. Most of the things I make are not totally original. You have probably seen them somewhere before. I usually change something about the project to make it a little different from wherever I saw it.

Back to felt bows for baby. You will need scissors, felt, a needle and thread, and then you can attach it to whatever you want with hot glue. I attached mine to hair clips.

Felt Bows for Baby {Steps}

Felt Bows for Baby1. Click on the link below to get an idea of the 3 shapes you will need to draw to make felt bows


{Note-these shapes are not perfect. They will give you the general shape.}

2.Draw the 3 shapes onto felt and cut out.

3. Take the longest shape and fold the ends in (as seen in 4th picture).

4. Put the u shape under the bow (as seen in 5th picture).

5. Wrap the rectangle shape around the middle

6. Put the needle and thread through the middle of the bow to keep the shapes all together.

7. You can add your own touch (I hot glued rhinestones on some of them).

Felt Bows for Baby

Felt Bows for Baby

Felt Bows for Baby

Felt Bows for Baby

Felt Bows for Baby

Felt Bows for Baby

Simple and Sweet

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  1. Love, love, love those! And your model is precious 🙂

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