Lampshade Makeover Idea


Here is a lampshade makeover idea. Here are the two shades and lamps. The before shade is on the right and the (partial) after (covered shade) is on the left. I’ve had these little Pottery Barn lamp shades and lamps for seriously 10 years. That’s a long time for me to hold onto something! I held onto them for so long because at one time, they were really cute. After all these years, they were looking drab and needed a makeover. This is another simple idea for you on how to makeover a lampshade. You don’t have to follow it exactly but maybe it will give you a little inspiration to makeover an old lampshade.


I traced the shade on a piece of canvas type of white fabric. After I traced the shade onto the fabric, I cut it out and used a glue gun to glue the fabric to the shade. The shade is beaded, so there is no way to make the cover smooth. I think it turned out fine though. I glued the bottom edge in and then cut four slits in the top, put glue on the pieces and glued them down. The first picture in the post shows what the shade looked like after I covered it.


I decided to coordinate the shades with the pillows I recently made. I cut four strips of fabric, created pleats using an iron, stitched them down the middle (using a sewing machine), and glued them on the shade. You can find better instructions on how I created the pleats here. I put the finished shades back on the stands, put them on the shelf in Sophia’s room and decided the stands needed to be painted.

Lampshade Makeover Idea

I painted the stands white.


Here is how they looked on the shelf in Sophia’s room.


I think they came out pretty cute for a quick makeover.



  1. JaneEllen says

    After you got done with the shades I wondered if you’d paint the lamp bases. They look so much better with the white and new shades, you deserve a big sky of stars.
    I was looking at photos of your little girl, she’s so delicate and feminine. Such a pretty little sweetheart.
    Reminds me of my first, was tiny and delicate like yours. They’re so sweet and innocent, why do they have to grow up so quickly. My first is now 53, youngest a girl 43 and boys in between 49 and 50. Whenever I see photos of bloggers’ kids it brings back so many memories of mine. Sorry for the melancholy. Happy days

    • Jane, You’re so kind. I did those lamp shades and bases some months back. I had fun doing them. I though they came out pretty cute. Thank you for checking them out.

      My little girl is my angel. She lights up my life. I feel so blessed. She’s almost 18 months old and it’s so true what everyone says, “They grow up so fast.” This year and a half has flown by. She’s walking now so she doesn’t feel like a baby anymore. She’s becoming a little girl. I really wish the time would slow down! But I really do love watching her grow. It’s such a miracle to watch the progression. You know what I’m talking about- watching four children grow up. You must have such wonderful memories of all them. Do you have grand children now?

      Thanks for your message Jane. Hope you have a nice weekend.

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