Ribbon Covered Hair Clips

Last time I was at Hobby Lobby I saw ribbon covered hair clips. The clips were covered with grosgrain ribbon and looked simple and cute. I was inspired to make some myself. I finally took the time to do it today. It didn't take much time at all. This is another basic tutorial I'm sure you could figure out yourself but maybe this will give you a little motivation to do it. These are cute for yourself, your daughter, or as a gift for a friend.   You'll need a few basic supplies; metal hair clips, grosgrain ribbon, glue {fabric or hot}, & scissors Step 1: Roughly measure a piece of ribbon a little longer than the ends of the clip & cut. Step 2: Place glue on the parts of the metal you can put glue on. Step 3: Carefully place ribbon evenly over the clip. Step 4: Place a small amount of glue on the inside of the clip, fold the ends in & place over the glue. Very simple! If you can get your toddler to hold still, put one in her hair. Hopefully your toddler won't pull it out like Sophia likes to do. … [Read more...]

Kids These Days are So Much Older

As I drove along the highway with my eleven year old daughter the sites passed us by like any other day until suddenly she said, “kids at my school are so weird and they act really bad a lot of the time.”  I asked, “what do you mean?”  “I mean,” she replied, “that the majority of kids cuss and say the ‘f’ word a lot! They think it’s so cool!” I thought, “are you kidding me?” I mean, these are elementary school kids!  “Oh yeah,” says my daughter, “and my friend is wearing really ‘S’ clothes all the time and it really bugs me.”  “What does ‘S’ mean?”, I asked.  After playing a short word game with my daughter, I came to the conclusion that ‘S’ stood for sexy.  When I found out the kind of outfits her friend was wearing I was blown away.  Sixth grade! "Kids these days are so much older," I thought. On another drive, with another child of mine, (this time with my fifteen year old son) out of the blue I asked if he had seen a certain kid that he really enjoyed spending time with. “What is he up to these days?”, I asked.  “He’s smoking a lot of weed and thinking it’s so cool,” was my son’s reply.  I said, “what?”  “There are a lot of kids who are selling weed and a lot of them smoke … [Read more...]

Easter with my Baby {2013}

Easter with my baby was low key and uneventful! A couple of days before Easter, I took Sophia to get her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. I was a little worried she might cry when I handed her over to this huge person in a rabbit costume. She totally surprised me. She acted like I was handing her over to her Dada! The photographer snapped away while she just sat there. It was really cute. I loved it!  Lauren, (Sophia's half sister) came to visit and Sophia has been in heaven ever since we picked her up. Saturday night they had fun dying Easter eggs. Easter Sunday was a mellow day. We attempted to head up to the village in our home town, but the snow was coming down (as you can see above). We did a quick turn around and went back home. Dada and Lauren went and saw a movie. Momma and Sophie played with her new blocks. My Mom and Brother Billy sent me a picture from Dana Point- enjoying coffee before Mass on Easter Sunday. Happy Easter 2013 … [Read more...]

Party Favor Bags

 For Sophia's Birthday Party I made very simple party favor bags. This is another simple DIY project. They are so easy and come out looking pretty cute. I used wrapping paper for the material. You can use any kind of paper you like that works for you. I like using wrapping paper because I can use it to wrap packages and have things coordinate. I also used this wrapping paper to line the envelopes I made for the invitations. I measured the paper 9.5 x 11 inches and cut. Place the rectangle in front of you and equally fold the two sides in. I used a glue stick and covered a half inch along the edge of one side and placed the edge of the other side over the glue. I folded the bottom up about a half inch and glued it down to the bag. You can fold over the top and use a sticker to close the bag. Or I folded the top about an inch down and then punched two holes and tied a bow through the punched holes. … [Read more...]

Letter to My Baby Girl

My Little Angel, I want to write down some of my favorite things about you so I never forget this stage of your life. I love your enthusiasm and energy. I love how you wave your arms, kick your legs, and roll your little ankles when you are excited. I love that you love people especially when you get their full attention (like at the grocery store or post office). I love the way you throw your arms up to show them how big you are followed by vigorous hand clapping. I love your sweetness. I love when you lean over without any request with an open mouth and give me a kiss. This is one of my favorite things. I love when I tell you to lay your head down and you lay your little head down on my chest. I love your sense of humor. I love when we laugh and you mock us. I love your forced fake little laugh! I really love to hear the real Sophia giggle. Your giggle lights up my day. One of the cutest things you do is wait for me to come get you in the morning. I watch you in the monitor standing up, just waiting. You look around observing your surroundings, you make happy noises, bounce up and down, and just wait. Sometimes it’s fifteen minutes I will watch you in the monitor … [Read more...]

Feeling Lucky this St. Patrick’s Day

I'm feeling lucky this St. Patricks Day. It was a beautiful day to be up on the mountain with my family. Being Irish, I've grown up with hearing things like , "If you're lucky enough to be Irish, then you're lucky enough." I feel like I am very lucky. I think a general sense of optimism accounts for some of this luck. I have a feeling of good fortune that comes from knowing I have friends and family that care about my well being. Choosing to focus on the positive more often than on the negative — and to consciously think of the things I’m thankful for — have played a part in my feeling lucky on more days than not. What about you? What is something (or who is someone) you feel grateful for today? What makes you feel lucky? A Great Quote and Reminder Feeling Lucky to be Blessed with this Little Girl  May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand. May God be with you and bless you: May you see your children's children. May you be poor in misfortune, Rich in blessings. May you know nothing but … [Read more...]

Teething Terror

Are you dealing with teething terror? Babies first teeth generally begin to appear between the ages of 4 to 7 months.  Some “late bloomers” don’t get any teeth until 12 months or older.  In rare instances a baby can even be born with a couple. Experts disagree whether or not teething actually causes any symptoms at all.  Some believe it’s just coincidence that the classic symptoms that some attribute to teething occur.  These symptoms include: drooling, fussiness, gum swelling and sensitivity, biting behavior, refusing to eat, sleep troubles and a low grade fever (below 100.5 degrees fahrenheit). Any raise in temperature above this will warrant a trip to your baby’s health care provider to rule out other causes such as the dreaded ear infections I wrote about in an earlier article.  From my experience, I am convinced that teething definitely causes some if not all of the above symptoms. Things you can do to ease your baby's discomfort alleviate teething terror are having them suck on a cold teething ring that has been in your refrigerator or if they are eating solid foods then cold yogurt or applesauce for instance may sooth their aching gums.  Teething biscuits or crackers … [Read more...]

Is Your Baby a Picky Eater?

My baby is a picky eater! It's one of the most frustrating things; preparing healthy food for your baby/toddler only to have them toss it on the floor or turn their head or keep their mouths shut when you try to feed it to them. When this happens over and over, it gets very discouraging. It's hard not to feel guilty as a mother about what my child is or isn't eating. However, after researching this topic, I've discovered that my daughter’s picky eating is not my because of me. I've learned that picky eaters are born, not created. Although this news is reassuring, I still want to do everything I can to find nutritious foods she likes. When I find something healthy she likes I am  encouraged and want to share it with any one else out there struggling with this same dilemma. This recipe is from my friend Amber who makes all kinds of homemade baby food her baby loves (lucky her). She brought some over the other day and we tested it out on Sophia. She really liked it, which made me feel good. Roasted Bananas and Blueberries Arrange 3 bananas (unpeeled) and 1 pint blueberries on a baking sheet. Roast in a 350 degrees F oven until the berries burst and the banana peels are deep … [Read more...]

Baby’s First Birthday Party

We just celebrated my babys first birthday party. We had a small celebration for Sophia's first birthday on Sunday. She had no clue what was going on but the adults enjoyed it and I had fun putting it together. I made a banner (Sophia is 1), tissue paper flowers (you can find the tutorial here), party hats (you can find the tutorial here), and gift bags (you can find the tutorial here). You can learn how to make a table runner like the one in the picture here. We served spinach salad with chicken (you can find the recipe here), bread from Schat's Bakery, fruit, and cupcakes from Mimi's Cookie Bar.  The favor bags were filled with dark chocolate covered acai berries. We made a simple flower arrangement of long stem pink roses. We blew up a picture of Sophia and put it in front of the fire place. She was amused by the life size picture of herself! The babies looked so cute in their party hats. Sophia held hands with her little boyfriend Timmy! Mommy was proud! Daddy was happy! Sophia was a little overwhelmed! … [Read more...]

She’s One

She's one! It's hard to believe it was one year ago today I went through the most grueling labor experience I never imagined possible. I talked to a lot of moms beforehand. For the most part, everyone said, "get an epidural and you'll be fine." That was my plan. I honestly wasn't worried. I've come to realize labors are as individual as fingerprints, no two stories are the same. My labor story was incredibly  intense and painful. It lasted 52 hours. No one could have prepared me for the fear, pain, and agony I would go through bringing this little being into the world just as no one could prepare me for the happiness, joy, and unbelievable amount of love I would feel when she was put in my arms for the first time.   Watching my tiny helpless infant grow over this last year has been an absolute miracle. In one year I've watched my little girl coo, smile, and giggle. I've watched her learn to roll over, sit up by herself, say Dada and sometimes Mama. I've watched her learn to crawl, feed herself, stand, and pull herself up. I've watched my little girl express herself- showing us how big she is, clapping her hands, and most recently using her finger to make funny sounds with her … [Read more...]