Pallet Shelves

Pallet ShelvesPinterest is full of awesome ideas for using wood pallets. I had never really heard of wood pallets before I started looking at Pinterest. Or maybe I had and just not payed attention. Anyway, ever since coming across these great ideas on Pinterest, I’ve been wanting to make something out of wood pallets for a while now. Where do people get wood pallets? I had no idea. I asked my friend whose husband is a contractor and he brought 3 wood pallets over that were in really good shape. Once I had the pallets, I had to figure out what to make.

I’ve been wanting to put shelves up in our living room, so I thought we could try and make pallet shelves. And if they didn’t come out good, we could just buy them. So I recruited my husband to help me make shelves from wood pallets. I shouldn’t say, “to help me” . He did all the work!

Pallet Shelves

First, my husband used a hammer to take apart the pallets.

Pallet ShelvesHe laid the wood out that he would use for the shelves. He used two slats for the top shelf and four for the bottom.

Pallet ShelvesHe measured how long the shelves would be and cut the wood accordingly.

Pallet ShelvesHe cut smaller blocks of wood to use as support for underneath the wood slats he put together for the bottom shelf.

Pallet ShelvesHe drilled screws in to attach the block of wood to the slats for extra support.

Pallet Shelves He sanded the wood.

Pallet ShelvesHe applied a dark stain.

Pallet ShelvesOnce the wood was stained, he sprayed a clear gloss lacquer all over the wood.

Pallet ShelvesHe attached brackets to the shelves so we could hang them.

Pallet ShelvesHere they are! We realized the gold screws didn’t look so great, so he painted them black.

Pallet Shelves Finished shelves with pictures.

Pallet Shelves

Pallet ShelvesThis is how the wall looked before the shelves.

IMG_4773My husband said he really enjoyed making these pallet shelves. I told him that is why I make all the hair bows and headbands I do. It’s fun to take the challenge to create things yourself and then see how they come out. I like the rewarding feeling I get of accomplishment and competency. What about you? Have you tried making anything from wood pallets? If you haven’t, you should try it. It’s a lot of fun!

Feel free to ask any questions about how these were made.


  1. Looking great! I love you! Im a star!


  2. Super cute!! Love the stain color!!

  3. Love these where can you get pallets are they free or cheap?

    • Thank you! My friend’s husband is a contractor and I got them from him. I’m sure they get rid of them at the hardware stores around where you live. Thanks for checking out my site!

  4. I recently found out that a family friend of ours who is a builder is willing to give me as many pallets as I want, so I’ve been looking for ways to use them – I love these shelves! They look great. And I really like how you used them to display lots of framed photos…something different than just hanging them on the wall! I featured this on my blog today if you’d like to come check it out –

    • Thank you so much for featuring my project on your blog! That is such a nice compliment. They actually came out really great and were not too hard too make. We live in the mountains so the rustic look fits the look of our home. That’s awesome you have a source to get pallets. You can make so many great things with them that I’m sure you have seen on Pinterest. I made a sign with our family name on it that came out pretty good. It’s on my blog if you want to check it out. I started following you on Pinterest and Facebook. Thanks again for the feature of my post on your blog.

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