Shadow Boxes & Baby Clothes

I love the way shadow boxes look, especially with baby clothes in them. Shadow boxes and baby clothes are a great way to add art with meaning to your baby’s room. Shadow boxes can also display your baby’s keepsakes beautifullyLast time I was at my mom’s I took a picture of this shadow box she has on the wall above the baby’s crib. It gave me some inspiration to make my own. I haven’t gotten around to making one yet but I found a few more shadow boxes I like and thought I’d share them with you to maybe inspire you to make one.  Shadow boxes look really great with any sort of  keepsakes or memorabilia in them {not just baby clothes}.

Shadow Boxes and Baby Clothes

This shadow box with a baby sweater is from my mom’s house. She put some pink and white checked fabric in the back and pinned a cute little Polo sweater in it.

Shadow Boxes and Baby Clothes

A shadow box from Pottery Barn Kids. I love the silver plate, spoon, baby shoes, and picture. It’s so simple.

Shadow Boxes and Baby Clothes

This another shadow box from Pottery Barn Kids. This is cute for a little boy’s room. I love the hand print.

Shadow Boxes and Baby Clothes

This is from Restoration Hardware Baby. The simple pink dress in the white framed shadow box looks so pretty in this little girl’s room.

Pretty Shadow BoxAnother shadow box from Restoration Hardware Baby.

Shadow Boxes and Baby Clothes

I thought this shadow box with the old fashioned baby dress was really pretty. I found it on Pinterest. It’s from Miss Mustard Seed.

Shadow Boxes and Baby Clothes

It looks much better in real. This wasn’t a great photo but you get the idea.


  1. What great inspiration!! I never thought of baby clothes in a shadow box….love it!

  2. Thanks again Darci for your thoughtful messages!

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