First Birthday Invitations

Sophia's First Birthday Invitations

I just made Sophia’s first birthday invitations and they came out pretty cute. They were easy to make- just a few simple steps to follow.

Supplies I Used

Sophia's First Birthday Invitations

1. Wrapping Paper

2. Ribbon

3. Glue Stick

4. Card Stock (white and pink)

5. Envelopes

6. Foam mounting tape

7. Double sided tape

8. Scissors

Steps 1-6

Sophia's First Birthday Invitations

Create an invitation on your computer. I use indesign but you can do it in word or however you usually type up a document (center it, change the color, font, and whatever else you like). Print out invitations on card stock. Cut the invitations slightly smaller than the card stock you will use behind the invitation. I cut the mounting foam in four small quares. Stick the mounting foam on the background card stock. Stick your invitation on top.

Add Ribbon

Sophia's First Birthday Invitations

Feed your ribbon between the two cards and tie in a knot or bow. Used the double sided tape behind the knot to hold in place. Trim the ends.

Line the Envelopes

Sophia's First Birthday Invitations

I created a template for a lining using my envelope then traced onto the wrapping paper. Cut out the liners, use glue stick on the back and glue on the inside of the envelope.

Sophia's First Birthday Invitations


  1. Great looking bday cards!! Little Sophie has no idea how lucky she is to have a mommy like you!!!! oxoxo

  2. Uncle Bilbo says

    Very cool! I like all the small details that you put into them. I’ll be checking my mail everyday;)

  3. These look adorable! I didnt make invitations to Zane’s first birthday party, but I am getting in the mood to make some invitations for her second birthday party!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks Lindsay! They were so easy to make. Obviously she’ll be clueless about the whole thing- getting ready for a second birthday party sounds a lot more exciting. Have fun with Zane’s second birthday party! Kelly

  4. You are a busy mommy!!!

  5. you are a busy mommy!

    • I am! I bet you are too! I would love to get some healthy baby food recipes (simple) if you have any. My baby is a very finicky eater and I want to do a post on picky eaters and hopefully get suggestions from other moms. Thanks for taking a look at the blog Cindy. I appreciate your support.

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