Baby Play Date

We had a play date today. Sophia and Baby T practiced their socialization skills while moms baked apple pies. The two are four months apart but just about the same size. Sophia is a little more wild than Baby T, who has always been on the mellow side. He ¬†looks at her like, "Who is this crazy girl?" She looks at him like, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!" "I'm so excited I can't stand it, you're just like me!" At one point her excitement scared Baby T and he started to cry. I felt terrible. She constantly wanted to grab him and it was hard to keep her from doing this. She couldn't contain her excitement! I put her on the other side of the room with her toys but since she's mobile now, as soon as I separated her, she'd quickly crawl back over to him. They lasted about an hour and a half. Overall I think it was a fun and productive hour and a half for all us; Moms, Sophia, and hopefully Baby T. We baked 2 apples pies. Our babies socialized and engaged one another, stimulating their growing little minds. According to, play dates are extremely beneficial for children because, "Play dates give children the opportunity to socialize with other children, make friends and … [Read more...]