Decorative Felt Flowers

These felt flowers are fun to make. They are super simple and you can put them on anything. Glue a felt flower to a headband, hair clip, bag, hat, clothing, or top of a package for an added touch. ¬†They also make cute gifts after you have attached a felt flower to a headband, clip or bag. They really do look cute. All you need is some felt, beads and a needle and thread. Draw three flower shapes in three different sizes on a piece of felt, cut out your shapes, stack, place a bead on top, and sew together. Draw a leaf shape if you like, cut out, and sew to the bottom of the flower. It's that easy! Glue a flower to a hair clip. Attach a flower to a headband. Stitch a flower to the side of hat. Sew a flower on the front of your little girl's purse. You can sew them on a plain colored sweater, shirt, or dress. Also, don't worry about the flower shapes being perfect, just draw a simple shape and they look great even with imperfections. They don't have to be perfect to look good! … [Read more...]