Show Your Love

I recently read an article in the February issue of Parents magazine titled "Spread the Love" written by Francesca Castagnoli and Amanda Kingloff. I thought it offered parents great advice for how to make your child feel appreciated other than just a hug or a kiss. I know Sophia is only ten months and hugs, kisses, and smiles probably keep her feeling plenty loved and satisfied. It's easy to do this with a ten month old. Kissing them all over is part of the daily routine. As she gets older, I realize it won't always be this way and I'd like to get in the habit now of practicing ways of praise other than just hugs and kisses. Below is a list of my ten favorite creative ways to show your child you appreciate them (10 from their list). my 10 favorite ways to show your child appreciation 1. Let your child teach you something they know that you don't. 2. Give your child a foot rub or a long back scratch. 3. Ask for your child's help when you're cooking dinner. 4. Send your child a handwritten letter to your home address. 5. Shut down your phone or laptop to give your child your full attention. 6. Create a secret handshake that only you, your partner, and your child know. 7. … [Read more...]