Clothespin Magnets

Clothespin magnets are another very simple do it yourself project. This is the kind of project that would be fun to do with young kids. It doesn't take many supplies and there isn't any skill involved. It's a quick project so they won't need any significant attention span and they can see there results right away. Plus, they can pin up their projects with them. If you don't have a¬†stainless steel refrigerator, maybe you have a fridge in your garage you can put the clothespin magnets on or I like a magnetic board. All you need are clothespins, magnets, hot glue, and whatever you want to decorate them with them. I used buttons and rhinestones. You can paint them or cover them in glitter. They look great however you want to decorate them. There is not much too this. Glue a magnet on one side of the bottom of the pin. On the other side glue whatever you like to give them some spark. These took about five minutes to make. Sometimes it is fun for me to do a quick and easy project like this. I get some sort of gratification out of little DIY projects (even if they are this basic)! I think they look cute. At Christmas time I use clothespins to clip and hang my cards to a chain … [Read more...]