Sweet Baby Shower Idea

A friend of mine is getting ready to have a baby shower. We were discussing baby shower ideas which made me reflect back to my own baby showers. One sweet baby shower idea is to have each guest fill out a list of wishes for your baby. I included a PDF at the bottom of this post with the wish list my mom made for my baby showers. She placed a list for each guest at their place setting with a cute pencil (it was sort of a pain sharpening all the pencils but they looked cute!). Everyone filled out a wish list for baby before we ate. Later my mom put them all in this book she gave me. It makes for a sweet baby shower idea and a gift my baby will have forever. It's also fun to look back and read the sweet messages your friends and family left for your baby at her shower.  I love this book my mom put together for me from Sophia's baby shower. It's a pretty vintage looking book with clear pockets on each page. My mom made this emblem for the cover page. Each guest filled one of these wish lists out for Sophia. Each card was placed in the book. I have the book for Sophia to read one day when she's old enough. Wishes For Our Baby wishes for our baby (boy) … [Read more...]