Too Many Toys?

Do you ever wonder if your child has too many toys?  Do you wonder if they are bored with their selection of toys or not stimulated by them?

 I came across a great book titled Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne. The subtitle of this book reads; Using the extraordinary power of less to raise calmer, happier, and more secure kids. This is comforting advice regarding my child having too many toys. This is a great book and highlights four tips regarding children and toys.

1. The number of toys your child has should be dramatically reduced. The author writes,”As you decrease clutter, you increase a child’s attention and capacity for deep play.” She explains that too many toys can be overwhelming for your child. This makes sense. I feel most calm when I have less excess stuff; when my closet is cleaned out and organized, and my drawers are de cluttered. This is when I feel like I can focus best.

2. Organize the room so your child can only see a few toys at a time. It is best to put most of their toys away so they can concentrate on a few at time. Too many toys is too much of a distraction.

3. Reduce the number of books they have in their room. Dr. Payne writes, “Kids need the time to read deeply, and often repeatedly.” After they have read the few books you keep out you can put those away and bring a couple new ones out. Too many books is like having too many toys. It is confusing.

4. Keep just one of each type of toy. I like this idea. They don’t need 20 cars, 10 dolls, or too many balls. Just because they like 1 ball doesn’t mean they need 50. Again, too many toys can be overwhelming for a child and they have less appreciation for their toys when they have dozens of everything.

The general synopsis of Simplicity Parenting is that by reducing the amount of toys, books, and clutter, your child will feel calmer and have a greater attention span for the toys they do have. Maybe it is time to clean out your child’s toy box and donate the excess toys. It’s a win – win. You will feel more organized, your child will feel less overwhelmed, and another child will be gaining a new toy.

Sophia and Timmy Playing with their Toys

Too Many Toys

Too Many Toys

Too Many Toys

Too Many Toys


  1. Great tips! My sweet pea only seems to play with the same few toys, so that makes complete sense!

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