Our Trip to the Eastern Caribbean

We recently got back from being on a cruise and it was 1o days of bliss! I had never been on a cruise and didn’t have too many expectations. Our experience far exceeded what I thought it would be. The weather was beautiful, the beaches we went to were paradise, and the activities and everything about the ship was fabulous. I would absolutely do it again! I did miss my little Sophia but I must admit it was nice to have a break. Next time, I think I’ll bring her along. I know she would love it!

Here are just a few pics from our vacation.

IMG_6471This was our first night on the ship after dinner.
IMG_6466Happy to be on vacation!
IMG_6470It was a little breezy this night (had to hold my dress down!).
IMG_6573 Hanging out at the pool after dinner one night.
IMG_6507The morning we arrived to St. Thomas.
IMG_6475 Laying out on the ship, reading books and listening to music.
IMG_0475 Cruising around the ship.
IMG_0487 We rented a seadoo in Antigua. This was fun!
IMG_6515 This was at the beach in St. Thomas.
IMG_6540 The water was perfectly clear and warm.
IMG_6544 What a great day at the most beautiful beach in Antigua.
IMG_6535A beautiful beach in Tortola.
IMG_6556 Departing one of the ports before dinner.
IMG_6558 Feeling blessed.
IMG_6530 Sunset before departing a port.
IMG_6513 Driving to one of the beaches in St. Thomas, looking down at our ship.
IMG_6623 Just got off the ship- visiting Nassau in the Caribbean.
 Enjoying dinner.
IMG_6624 Picture of the ship.
IMG_6610 Pictures before dinner. How’s the fake background?!
IMG_6609Totally cheesy but it was fun!
IMG_6626 It was fun getting dressed up.
IMG_6621 Tortola
IMG_6628 Another beautiful port (I forget which one).
IMG_6472We had such a great vacation! If you’ve never been on a cruise, I highly recommend going on one.



  1. Bailey Rowan says

    Oh my gosh, so jealous! That looked incredible! I had so much fun watching Sophie, she is so fun and of course adorable. It’s crazy how fast she’s growing!

  2. You two look like two honey mooners. Sigh. So glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation even tho I have to admit to harboring some ill willed feelings towards you right now. But I’ll get over it. How romantic and looks like you had incredibly wonderful weather.

    Oh now how can I possibly enjoy our “delightful” fall weather when I’ve seen your photos? Swoon, I’d so love to go somewhere like that with my hubs before we’re too old to move, lol. Of course he’s not so excited about things like that since he lived on Hawaii for 2 yrs. while in the Air Force. He lived across street from Aloa Moana shopping center, not fair. Then he got transferred to Tucson where we met. Almost 45 yrs. later here we are, two old folks. Happy weekend.

    • Hi Jane!

      We really did have such a great time. You should go on a cruise. You and your husband would love it. There are so many fun things to do on the ship. The shows were amazing. They had comedy nights, bingo, cards games, and great music. The service was awesome and the trip was very affordable.

      It’s wonderful to hear you have been married for 45 years. That is a long time. It must be a great feeling to have had a partner for that long. I’m sure you guys have been through a lot- good and bad! What’s your secret?!

      So good to hear from you Jane. Enjoy the fall weather. I love the change of seasons. Hope you have a great weekend.


  3. Oh what fun!!!!! I have never been on a cruise either!!! How did your sweet little Sophia do?? I bet she was a rock star and did great!!

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