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Kids These Days are So Much Older

As I drove along the highway with my eleven year old daughter the sites passed us by like any other day until suddenly she said, “kids at my school are so weird and they act really bad a lot of the time.”  I asked, “what do you mean?”  “I mean,” she replied, “that the majority of kids cuss and say the ‘f’ word a lot! They think it’s so cool!” I thought, “are you kidding me?” I mean, these are elementary school kids!  “Oh yeah,” says my daughter, “and my friend is wearing really ‘S’ clothes all the time and it really bugs me.”  “What does ‘S’ mean?”, I asked.  After playing a short word game with my daughter, I came to the conclusion that ‘S’ stood for sexy.  When I found out the kind of outfits her friend was wearing I was blown away.  Sixth grade! "Kids these days are so much older," I thought. On another drive, with another child of mine, (this time with my fifteen year old son) out of the blue I asked if he had seen a certain kid that he really enjoyed spending time with. “What is he up to these days?”, I asked.  “He’s smoking a lot of weed and thinking it’s so cool,” was my son’s reply.  I said, “what?”  “There are a lot of kids who are selling weed and a lot of them smoke … [Read more...]

Easter with my Baby {2013}

Easter with my baby was low key and uneventful! A couple of days before Easter, I took Sophia to get her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. I was a little worried she might cry when I handed her over to this huge person in a rabbit costume. She totally surprised me. She acted like I was handing her over to her Dada! The photographer snapped away while she just sat there. It was really cute. I loved it!  Lauren, (Sophia's half sister) came to visit and Sophia has been in heaven ever since we picked her up. Saturday night they had fun dying Easter eggs. Easter Sunday was a mellow day. We attempted to head up to the village in our home town, but the snow was coming down (as you can see above). We did a quick turn around and went back home. Dada and Lauren went and saw a movie. Momma and Sophie played with her new blocks. My Mom and Brother Billy sent me a picture from Dana Point- enjoying coffee before Mass on Easter Sunday. Happy Easter 2013 … [Read more...]