Motherhood Has Changed Me For the Better

Motherhood Has Changed Me

Motherhood Has Changed Me

As I was sorting through photographs of Sophia this morning, I thought about how motherhood has changed me. I thought about how my life has changed for the better since Sophia’s arrival. I thought about how the center of my universe has shifted to her, giving me so much to celebrate. I thought about her being this little person that somehow I never get tired of being around. Most days are really fun with her. Sure, there are times when she is fussy and whiny. There are times when I feel really exhausted from the juggling act but I still love being around her. It’s a different sort of love than anything I’ve ever experienced. She’s a delight and when I’m away from her for even a couple of hours, I really start to miss her.

Since I’ve entered the world of motherhood, my priorities have shifted and Sophia has helped me realize what really matters in life. I’ve noticed my values have sharpened knowing I’m setting the example for another person and her tiny pair of eyes constantly fixed on me keeps everything in perspective. Motherhood has changed me for the better because I find that things that once seemed important are now less important and Sophia has helped me discover an inner strength I never realized I had.

Motherhood has changed me in the regard that every day is a surprise with Sophia and I love that. I feel constantly grateful. Watching and helping her grow is a continual progression from one thrilling stage to the next. She has helped me to live less for the occasion and more for the moment because when I see her eyes light up, watch her giggle, or clap her little hands I realize how absolutely precious that moment is for me.

It’s a miracle having a child in your life who changes your whole perspective on the world around you, who makes you laugh like you’ve never laughed before, who makes you appreciate things you never appreciated before, and actually changes you as a person for the better.

Motherhood Has Changed Me


  1. What a precious entry….I love you sweetheart and you truly are the greatest mom Sophie could ever have!!


  2. Amber rice says

    Your absolutly RIGHT!!!! I love seeing all your post keep them coming!!!

  3. What a sweet post Kelly!! Your sweet Sophie is lucky to have you for a mama!!

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