Tissue Paper Flowers

I've decided to make tissue paper flowers for the party. Besides¬†party hats, I'm getting into more decorating for Sophia's first birthday. There is something really gratifying about do it yourself projects. It is a lot fun. ¬†I'm sure you've seen plenty of these. They definitely are not anything original. My mom showed me how to make tissue paper flowers. They are another simple project that come out looking pretty good (especially for the little effort needed to put in). I used six sheets of tissue paper. Fold the paper back and forth (like a fan) about an inch and a half wide. I used a twist tie in the middle (or use wire). Trim the ends however you would like the ends of the flower to look (I curved the ends). Open up the fan and gently peel the layers back (one at a time) until they have all been pulled a part. Shape your flowers however you like. Create a loop using the ends of the wire. Hang flowers from a light fixture using fishing line. … [Read more...]