Chicken Noodle Soup

I love making chicken noodle soup especially since I live in the mountains and it’s the perfect food for cold weather. And I love that there is always a lot left over. This recipe is so easy, it’s almost embarrassing but I’m going to share it anyway. Some people don’t like to cook but if they know it’s a simple recipe, they are willing to give it a shot. And it feels good to make something homemade- like you’ve really accomplished something.

What You Will Need


1. Half chicken breasts

2. Carrots (I buy the small bag of pre-chopped)

3. Celery (one package is enough)

4. Noodles (you can use the egg noodles or I like the rotini type-1 box)

5. Wild Rice (I like Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice)

6. Seasoning (I use 3 cubes of chicken bouillon)

Step 1


Wash the carrots and celery and dice them up. This is the only hassle of the recipe. While I’m doing this, I heat up two pots of water on the stove.

Step 2


Wash the chicken and place in one pot. Put the carrots and celery in the other pot. I boil the chicken for a good hour. You want it to cook to the point it’s falling off the bone. I cook the carrots and celery about a half hour. Boil the noodles and microwave the rice.

Step 3


Once everything is done, chop up the chicken and combine in one pot. Add your seasoning (as I said, I use 3 cubes of chicken bouillon). Stir it up and let is simmer. Cut up some sourdough bread and serve.


  1. Ok, for carb purposes, I will leave out rice & pasta…but may put quinoa in! Into quinoa lately 🙂

  2. The ease of the recipe and the fact that I can freeze the leftovers make chicken soup a year-round favorite in this house (even in Florida lol). We have similar recipes but I never thought to add pasta and rice together, I usually do either or.

    • I’m so glad you found this recipe. It is so easy to make and tastes great and it is always nice to have leftovers. You guys will love it!

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