Decorating with Succulents

Decorating with Succulents

Have you ever tried decorating with succulent plants? I think succulents are cool to look at. They grow well in containers, are low maintenance, and add color, beauty, and interest to any room or space. They aren’t expensive either which I like because I’m not good with taking care of plants. You may even have some in your yard you can use.

Of course succulent plants look beautiful in an outdoor garden, but have you seen succulent plants incorporated in mixed flower bouquets or table arrangements? Try bringing some of the natural world indoors to make things interesting in your home. Or add succulents to flower arrangements for table centerpieces. Below are some pictures of ideas for decorating with succulent plants.

Decorating with Succulent Plants

Line up various size hurricane vases with candles and pieces of succulent.

Decorating with Succulent Plants

This is a quick and easy way to decorate a table.

Decorating with Succulent Plants

Simple and understated

Decorating with Succulent Plants

I love this idea from of using a succulent plant as escort cards and as a gift for guests.

Decorating with Succulent PlantsThis is a beautiful table arrangement for a wedding or baby shower from

Decorating with Succulent PlantsAnother beautiful arrangement for a wedding from

Since I found so many great ideas for decorating with succulent plants on Pinterest, I created a board you can find here.

Decorating with Succulent PlantsClick here for more inspiration on decorating with succulent plants.

Do you decorate with succulent plants? Or what plants do you like to incorporate into your home decor?


  1. hey ! cool site u got here…. i worked in construction and landscape design all along pacific coast and also florida atlantic for 8 years before i switched careers into med-legal. I have kept my previous industry as a hobby and was delighted to come across your posts on FB . Good job with your site and congrats on the baby. 🙂

    SMHS alum, Rod . ttyl.

    • Hey Rod, Thank you so much for taking the time to look at the site and for leaving a comment. I’m having fun working on this and am loving having a baby. It sounds like you’ve been busy with great things! Thank you again. Kelly

  2. I have been thinking of adding some succulents to my decor. I’m now following your pinterest board! Xo

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