Garden Style Flower Arrangements

If you like the look of unfussy garden arrangements, try mixing greenery from your yard with store bought flowers. In this example, I used flowers I bought from Trader Joe’s and mixed in flowers and greenery from the yard. I gathered the flowers and greenery and cut the stems down short. I put a rubber band around the stems and placed in thrift store silver bowls.

Gather Greenery and Flowers From Your Yard

Unfussy Garden Arrangements

Flower Bouquets From Grocery Store

Unfussy Garden Arrangements

Mix your Greenery and Flowers Together

Unfussy Garden Arrangements

Cut Stems and Place in Bowls

Unfussy Garden Arrangements

Display on Table

Unfussy Garden Arrangements

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  1. JaneEllen Jones says

    Gorgeous flowers,we have very little flowers in our yards, between the dog,4 chickens and a cat plants don’t have a chance. Hydrangeas are hard to grow here,tooo dry and so hot. My lilac bushes get waylaid from blooming as almost every year when they’re ready to bloom we get a cold snap and there goes my wonderful lilacs.
    Your little girl is so sweet, been long time since our littlest has been little like yours, she’s 48 now and is very bossy,controlling. Even our grand daughters are grown up.
    Love your felt flowers,have always enjoyed working with felt,making flowers or whatever else. Have hard time doing much of anything with my hands, arthritis and no feeling in fingertips due to carpal tunnel and nerve damage from an accident in right hand/arm. I persist anyway but not easy ever. Typing isn’t easy either.Have great week, hope not too hot where you are.

    • Hi Jane,
      Thank you so much for stopping by. It must be fun to have chickens. My little girl wants a dog so much. We will probably get one as soon as she’s a little bit older. She doesn’t realize the responsibility involved at 6 years old.Thank you, Sophia really is a sweet little girl. I wish time would slow down. It just goes by too quickly. She’s getting bigger by the second. I’m sure you can agree with that now that your daughter and granddaughters are all grown up. Good for you that you are persistent despite your injury. I’m terrible when it comes to pain. I’m such a wimp. And I hate the heat but I’m dealing. It’s been in the 80’s where I am by the beach. It’s the humidity that’s getting to me. I’ll survive! Thanks again Jane for your note and I hope you too have a great week.

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