I don’t know about other parents out there but one task I struggle with is getting my daughter to get her toothbrush out and brush her teeth. No way around it, using her toothbrush is a challenge morning and night. Dentists have come to her school to educate her class on the importance of using their toothbrushes and the consequences of not brushing. Maybe this education motivates some of the kids to keep their pearly whites clean. I know my daughter likes the little goody bag they give her to take home but when it’s time to take out her toothbrush, it’s a challenge.

There’s a second issue. Getting her toothbrush out is the first and then there is the actual brushing that’s a second hoop to jump through. She’s stubborn. She’s not going to let me do the brushing either. Plus she’s six years old which is a little old for me to be brushing her teeth. I get so frustrated when she sticks her toothbrush in her mouth, pulls it out 3 seconds later and says, “I’m done!”

You hear my exhaustion with this whole process.

There’s a reason for explaining my frustration with this twice a day not so fun task. I have a solution for any parents out there who can relate. I was browsing around Amazon looking for who knows what when one item lead to another and another and next thing I knew I was looking at a Kids Minions Talking Tootbrush. “This looks interesting,” I thought. Maybe this could be encouraging. Honestly, I’m not a big Minion fan but my daughter thinks their voices are pretty funny. I ordered the toothbrush and thought, I’ll give it a shot.

The Kids Minions Talking Toothbrush has turned out to be a hit and I couldn’t be happier. My daughter actually looks forward to brushing her teeth. The minions coach the kids on brushing each part of their mouth. It goes for 2 minutes so they really do a thorough job and they make it fun. Another huge perk, it only costs $9.69. I wish I would have found this toothbrush a couple years ago. It could have alleviated a lot of frustration. I highly recommend purchasing this product on Amazon or you can just click on one of these links; Kids Minions Talking Toothbrush.

Here she goes using her Colgate Minion Interactive Kids ToothbrushDo you see that smile? She’s happy to be brushing her teeth!Listening to her minion coach!Happy Girl, Happy Momma

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