It was fun putting Sophia’s room together. With so many toys and colors, it made decorating her room a bit challenging. However, once I figured out ways to organize everything, it all came together. Sophia has a bright pink tent her Grandma CC gave her she wanted set up in her room. On one hand it’s great for holding the dozens of stuffed animals she has. On the other hand, it’s very pink. It’s cute though. Grandma CC purchased the pink castle tent* from Amazon. I saw another playhouse tent with LED star lights* on Amazon that’s a little larger and more open that I think is really cute if you have the space. Here’s a picture of her room so you can visualize what I’m talking about.

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Sophia’s Room

Pink Castle Tent from Amazon*

Sophia's Room - pink castle tent

Sophia’s Room

Drop Cloth Sophia Banner

I have the do-it-yourself tutorial on the Sophia banner below if you have any interest in making one. It was pretty simple to make. Just click on the link here: DIY Sophia Banner.

I put the rope/twine with wood circles from Hobby Lobby up. I use clothespins to attach the abundance of artwork Sophia brings me. I adore her artwork. I have made several hardback books from Shutterfly and notebooks with her artwork.

Sophia's Room - Pink Princess Castle

Sophia’s Room

The White book shelf * (Not exactly the same one as below. They don’t have it anymore but very similar) is from Amazon. There are books under her little ceramic pig you can make at Shutterfly. I show one of the storybooks on my blog here. The baskets were purchased at Cost Plus World Market, the chalkboard from Target, the pink hamper type basket from TJ Maxx Homegoods, and the rug from Crate and Barrel.

Sophia's Room

Sophia’s Room

You can see what I mean now by a lot of stuff going on in Sophia’s room. It’s hard to get around all the color in the books, dollhouse, stuffed animals, tent, and kitchen. I tried to let all those things (mostly pink) be the main color and keep everything else either white or the neutral basket weave color with a few accents of gold.

As you can see she has a doll house* she got for Christmas when she was 3. It’s perfect. It’s not too fancy or expensive. It’s just what she needs to play barbies with.

Sophia's Room - Target Dollhouse

Sophia’s Room

Sophia’s room has a very high double bed. There is a step step-stool to get up into it. Both the bed and step stool are from Pottery Barn Kids. The star sheets, Lilly Pulitzer Little Lilly doll, and patchwork shark & turtle are also from Pottery Barn Kids.

Sophias Room - Pottery Barn Bed

Sophia’s Room

Moving around the walls of Sophia’s room, the column table lamp is by Pillowfort in the kids lighting section at Target. It comes in a number of selections. She has the heart lamp. The bassinet is from Pottery Barn Kids in the baby furniture section. It comes in white, taupe, and chocolate. The wall decor is from Hobby Lobby.

Sophia's Room - Target Lamp

Sophia’s Room

Lastly  is this little wall of Sophia’s room. It’s the perfect size for her coat rack and Dream Big sign. Both from TJ Maxx Home Goods store. The doll cradle is from Pottery Barn Kids.

Sophia's Room

and there she is….cozy in her bed

Sophia's Room

Sophia’s room is a place where her imagination runs wild; barbies go shopping, princesses get ready for the ball, mommies put their babies to sleep, and stuffies take afternoon naps. Furthermore, Sophia’s daily responsibilities take place in this room; like brushing teeth with our favorite minion toothbrush , as well as putting her toys & clothes away. Sophia’s room is her little space where she can just be, it’s where she gets dressed for the day or night, it’s where bedtime stories are read & prayers are said. Above all, it’s a place of comfort, love, & laughter.

Sophia's Room

All in all it was a bit of a challenge to make Sophia’s room work with all the colors going on, the amount of stuffed animals, the big pink tent, the pink and teal kitchen, etc. etc. Many of you may be in the same position. As a result of my efforts, I learned a few things. I will pass these ideas on to you as suggestions that you may want to use for your child’s room.

Some Suggestions for Organizing your Kid’s Room

  1. If you can get a couple storage spots to conceal some of the toys, it helps. I have the tent to put stuffed animals in, the baskets and a chest at the end of her bed for toys, and two drawers in the side table for books. I forgot to mention the table in the middle of the room is from Aaron Brothers. It has two shelves with baskets to store art supplies.
  2. Keep your big pieces a solid color (or try to).
  3. An area rug usually looks nice and helps pull things together. It makes things look tidier (in my opinion).
  4. Do regular clean outs. I do these without my daughter once a month. I also rotate a couple toys and stick them up in her closet. She never realizes they are missing and when I bring the other toys down, she is excited to see her old toys. When I secretly play this rotating game, she feels like she has something new to play with and there is less clutter in her room.
  5. Less is more. In my opinion, a room looks its best when it is decluttered and simple. The less small knick knacks the better. I’m looking at that picture above of that coat rack thinking that looks terrible.  All of that hanging clutter needs to go.


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