Tights into Leggings

Tights into Leggings

Tights into Leggings

Ever thought about turning tights into leggings? I have a bunch of tights that Sophia has grown out of and the weather is warming up. There is no need for tights this time of year but I do like the look of leggings under a dress. This is another super easy project: turn your tights into leggings. First, you will cut off the feet as close as you can to the heel. Next, pin under the cut edge of the tights. You can stretch the tights and use a sewing machine to sew the cut ends under or hand sew. Now you have turned tights into leggings. They look a little more finished when they are hemmed as opposed to just cut off.

Tights into Leggings

This is super easy to do. After you sew, the bottom might look a little stretched out. I used my iron to bring it back down.

Tights into Leggings

Tights into Leggings

New pair of leggings!

flowerhbI showed you how to make these rose petal flowers last week. Here are a couple more I made.


These look so cute on and are great for photographs. They would probably be best for little girls a couple years older that won’t pull them off.


If you would rather not make these, you can purchase them in the store.


I made this flower out of the same material I used for the drop cloth table runner.


You can also find this one in the store.


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