What’s New With Sophia?

What is new with my baby? It has been a while since I posted any pictures of Sophia. I have dozens but since she is moving all over the place so very few of them are of her not looking away or covering her face. She’s wild, funny, full of energy and teaching us new things everyday. She loves to crawl around, show everyone how big she is, say Dada and Mama. What is new with my baby? Below are a few photos to show you.

What is New With My Baby

┬áRecently I tried putting sunglasses on Sophia before we went outside and she didn’t like it! I managed to get a couple shots while I held her hands down to prevent her from taking them off! It’s not easy getting good pictures of her these days.

What is New With My BabyWe went to her Grandpa’s Birthday party in Orange County and she loved being in the swimming pool with Dada and her step sister Lauren and step brother Devon.

What is New With My BabyThe first time she’s been on her new bike she got for her birthday. I think she likes it!

What is New With My BabyShe had fun at the park, crawling around with Dada. This is the first time she’s crawled on grass. She loved it!


  1. such a wonderful time at the beach!! love you sweetien and continue to love “mysophiaryan”!!

    oxox B

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