What’s New With Sophia?

What is New with Sophia

What is New with Sophia

What is new with Sophia? She’s on the move! Sophia started crawling over a month ago and is picking up speed every day, covering more and more territory. It started small- moving short distances from one toy to another. Now she’s all over! Her favorite place to explore is the basket of magazines. As you can see in the first picture, she’s up on her knees and into it! She pulls several out at a time and rips as many pages as she can out. She’s flirting with the idea of standing and pulling herself up- but still a little timid…which is fine with me!

What is New with Sophia

What is New with Sophia

Sophia Loves…

Playing with her toys

Hanging out with friends at mom’s group

Taking baths

Playing ball

Watching her favorite show “Yo, Gabba, Gabba”

Hanging out with Timmy

Showing people how she claps her hands

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